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        Model No.:RX:NE-MASF02
        TX:NE-TX0S20S(4CH 2.4GHz)
        Mixed controller:4 in 1(including:Three axis gyroscope、ESC、Mixer、2.4GHz receiver)
        Motor system:7.0 Hollow cup main motor*4
        Battery:1-cell 3.7V 250mAh Li-Po 

        Main rotor diameter:2.2"(56mm)
        Overall length:4.8"(122.5mm)
        Overall width:4.8"(122.5mm)
        Overall height:1.1"(29mm)
        Whole weight:About 1.1oz(32g)

        1.Stable flying,eary to control and quick to get started.
        2.It can easily complete fancy moves like font and back roll,side roll,etc.
        3.Modular design,easy to maintain.
        4.3.7V 250mAh Li-Po battery.Sustained flight time is over 6 minutes.
        5.USB inteligent Charger.Safe and convenient.


        NE400396Cabin set(yellow copper ALIEN) NE400402 Cabin set(red ALIEN) NE400388 Rubber stopple set
        NE400389 Propeller set NE400390 Motor locating mount set NE400391 0720 main motor(forward-rotating)set
        NE400392 0720 main motor(reversal rotating) set NE400393 Motor cover set NE400394 Rubber gasket set
        NE400395 MASF02 support tube set NE400399 Battery frame set NE400400 Screw set
        NE480150 Receiver set NE480151 Lipo battery set NE400398 Motor set(forward-rotating)
        NE400397 Motor set(reversal rotating) NE480146 USB charger set NE30227024201028A(mode2) NE30227024101028Amode1) 

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