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        2.4GHz 6CH
        Mode NO.:RX:
        Servo:1.9G steering engine.
        Mixed controller: quadruple controller( including: three axis gyroscope、electron speed regulator、mix controller、2.4 GHZ receiver.)
        Motor system: φ8Hollow cup main motor+ φ6Hollow cup tail motor.
        Battery: 1-cell 3.7V 200mAh Li-Po
        main rotor diameter:243mm
        tail rotor diameter:38mm
        Overall length:278mm
        Overall width:38mm
        Overall height:77mm
        Whole weight :About 44g 

        1.Micro type, only 43g.
        2.stable in flight, flexible in action, simple structure, easy for maintainance.
        3.Unique feature of impact resistance, enable you to train your 3D technology at the lowest cost.
        4.Three independent digital servos, rapid in response and precise in action.
        5.Triaxial no aileron control system, full-automatic in flight attitude correcting,
        6.Giving you a better control feeling.
        7.Standard 2.4 GHZ control system, stable signal, strong impact resistance.
        8.Nine Eagles’ patent for transferring easily from Mode 1 to Mode 2, making you communicate with people of the same hobby more easily.


        NE30300824101001A J6  Transmitter NE400016 Horizontal axls NE400017 Rotor head Set
        NE400018 Rubber fixed ring Set NE400019 Gasket unit Set NE400020 Rotor clip Set
        NE400021 Main rotor Set(red and write) NE400022 Main shaft NE400023 Swashplate Set
        NE400024 Collar Sets NE400025 Main motor Set NE400026 Under Linkage rod Set
        NE400027 Engine base Set NE400028 Main Gear Set NE400029 Cabin Set(red-yellow)
        NE400030 Cabin Set(red-write) NE400031 Landing Skids Set(black) NE400032 Landing Skids Set(write)
        NE400033 Tail motor NE400035 Tail blade Set(write) NE400036 681Baring Tail
        NE400037 682 Baring Tail NE400038 Elevating Rudder Fixed Seat Set NE400039 Ball-head Screw Set
        NE400040 Screw Set NE400041 Ailero Servo Flxed Seat Set NE400043 Glue Set
        NE400044 Cabin Set(red-silver) NE480045 Rudder Set NE20120085 Receiver Set
        NE402280007A Rotor clip Set NE402280023A Tail blade Set(black) NE409318002A Charger change-over head
        NE412965001A Charger NE414051022A Adapter  

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