January 6, 2015
Release date : 2016-04-13 13:19:34
        the 9th CES in Las Vegas, consumer electronics manufacturers from around the world have this war, Guru warlords, flourishing. CES International Consumer Electronics Show, organized by the CTA, beginning in 1967, so far has been 48 years of history, has now become the world’s major electronics companies release product information and show tech level and promote future lifestyles window.

        Nine Eagles attends it as invitation and introduces new product series, MOLA X1. It has the innovative slide-folding. Folded products go, the rotor housing which cleverly avoids carrying trouble. Personnel lateral sliding-site experience, you can open the X1, this time a full four-axis aircraft revealed. Mobile APP a key control, screen real-time image transmission, APP edit, social sharing, to meet a variety of user-friendly and social-oriented features everything, so it seems, the future really be able to achieve universal aerial.

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